Spring is in the air.



Spring is just around the corner and I have some perfect dresses that should and could be worn this season. Lately, I have seen lot’s of celebrities and fashion guru’s pairing maxi dresses that are off the shoulder. Now you say you’re short? So am I, but take a look because I’m all about this style. This trend is not only classy but it is a trend you can wear to dress up or go out casual in town. Some shoes you can pair with a maxi dress include: Havaiana flip-flops, summer wedges and sandals. These summer maxi dresses also look cute when they’re halter style and deep V neck. The style I am loving is the Boho look with either lace or floral print. Take a look at the options down below for some idea’s.

High-end Options:

  1. Wilfred Effet Dress
  2. Free people “All I Got”
  3. Princess Polly “Winter Moon”

Cheaper Options:

  1. Princess Polly “Sun Slumber”
  2. Forever 21 “Selfie Leslie”
  3. Princess Polly “Mayfield”

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