Embroidery for days.


Who remembers the early 2000’s when embroidery jeans and clothing were what every kid wore. Wait was that just me? Well look… it’s back in style and going to predict its going be the next choker phase. I recently went to NYC where it’s all about seeing upcoming fashion. The huge expensive department stores like Macy’s, Nordstroms and Bloomingdale’s all carry embroidery jeans and jackets now. Two years ago if someone would’ve told me that embroidery pants and jackets were going to come back, I would’ve laughed and thought they were crazy! As a self-conscious teen in high school who always cared about how I looked, I would’ve never been caught dead in anything like that. I would’ve thought it looked “vintage and thrift store like”; but look at me now! I have a leather embroidered jacket and I absolutely love it! I constantly receive compliments because the jacket is not just your ordinary leather jacket, it’s a staple in all types of wardrobes. Now I’m on the search for the perfect embroidery jeans. Below I will show you some of my favorite pieces of embroidered clothing I’ve come by in this latest fashion trend.

High-end options:

  1. One Teaspoon embroidery skinny jeans
  2. Studded embroidery leather moto jacket
  3. Topshop embroided moto jeans

Cheaper options:

  1. Embroided leather Bomber jacket
  2. Petite embroided boyfriend jeans
  3. Embroided skinny jeans

TIP: when wearing the embroidery piece- pair with a simple outfit.



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